Essay: Nursing History-Impacts on the Profession

Essay: Nursing History-Impacts on the Profession
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Revealing the past trends is a significant component of nursing research. Nursing is changed from a pure clinical practice to a highly tailored practice, one that compliments the person’s beliefs, cultural surroundings, and self abilities to make decisions on their behalf. As such, the nurse engages in a contractual association with their patients for the purpose of influencing them to make the decisions they must make in order to lead their own self-care at no matter whatever stage of life they are at.

I believe that learning from nursing history is vital to move forward in the nursing field in the interests of the public. The practice of nursing takes place within larger It is the cultural, economic and political frameworks that have helped form the profession.

Talking of past studies, one cannot overlook the contribution of the book “We Band of Angels:

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