Essay: Nursing Skills

Essay: Nursing Skills
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Later, I pursued the strategy of communication. I asked questions from my student every now and then not only to direct the appropriate technique but also to get input about certain unknown issues that may arise to the students while being in the hospital. I kept a keen eye on all the issues to keep track of every activity by the students since my students had different cases of patients with them.

I had a vision in my mind to develop the individuals who can independently lead themselves towards the farthest of success and be capable of working smartly under strict measures of time. As quoted by Ralph Nader “I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers”. I acted as a role model for them since my actions and guidance directed them to operate on every task. For example, I filled out a complete daily progress form of a certain patient to let them know, how exactly medical specifications are to be written for further diagnosis and how medical history can reflect a patient’s history and collaboratively these notes can further assist in decisions about medications and recovery.

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