Essay: Nutrition Needs in Teenagers

Essay: Nutrition Needs in Teenagers
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It is a common understanding that what you eat makes up your body. It is therefore imperative to make a solid foundation for your body in the initial years so that one grows up to be physically strong and diseases of various types as well as old age issues may be avoided as much as possible. Taking the right amount of nutrients and eating healthy food is essentially important for young people so that their bodies can develop the resistance and immunity to fight against various diseases for the rest of their lives.

Teenagers undergo a number of hormonal changes which result in a number of physical and emotional changes as well. This consequently effect the nutritional and dietary requirements of the body and should be well accounted for with a proper balanced diet equipped with nutrients of all kinds. Proteins, fats and oils (lipids), minerals, vitamins, water and fibrous foods are some of the essential requirements of the body. Apart from that, regular and adequate calcium intake is extremely essential for teenagers particularly girls as their body is in the development stage and their bones need as much firmness as they can get. Lack of calcium causes bones to become weak and brittle. Teenage girls these days also suffer from iron deficiency whose major cause is the depletion of iron stores during their monthly menstrual cycles. This may result in anemia. Proper fiber intake is essential for human body of all ages as it helps in the proper digestion of food.

Recommended eating habits for teenagers include lots of raw fruit and vegetable intake, lesser quantity of sugary and oily foods, adequate proteins like eggs, meat, fish, beans and pulses, lots of dairy products and a suitable carbohydrate and starch content which may be obtained from potatoes, rice, pasta etc.

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