Essay: Causes of Obesity

Essay: Causes of Obesity
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When we talk of unhealthy or fad diets, we also learn that one fine cause of this plague is reaching appalling magnitude. Several reasons play a role in increasing the threat of obesity including: inheritance, larger intake of calories, inadequate exercise or fitness activities and rising inactive behaviors due to media and computers.

Some researchers conclude that the main culprit is fast food. A recent study indicates that most American citizens, approximately around 78% do not consider their excessive is a serious health issue for them. When surveyed one third was obese and two-thirds were just plump, representing a confusion of health related issues due to obesity. Moreover 15% of their children were obese. Obesity is single handedly the main reason of about 300,000 U.S. deaths per year as the percentage of obesity continues to increase. (McCracken & Brant, 1987)

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