Essay: Objectives of Organization Theory

Essay: Objectives of Organization Theory
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According to Borgatti (2001), the main objective of the organization theory is simply to understand how organizations must be structured and why they should be structured as such, hence the organization theory is important to be discussed in relation to this study as this theory possesses the capacity to explain the main reason why and how the overall organizational structure and the arrangement of functions play a significant role in either the success or failure of organizations. Many theorists claim that for each and every firm, there is only one best way by which that firm may best be structured and in identifying this structure, the application of the organization theory may be most helpful.

And finally, the main concept utilized in this research study is the “IT risk management” which according to Meyer (2000) is utilized by most global financial institutions worldwide for the purpose of building a more efficient and secure financial services. Apparently, most global financial institutions believe that this practice would enable them as companies to prepare in their full participation in the global economy of the world.

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