Essay: The Olmec Civilization

Essay: The Olmec Civilization
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The Olmec civilization is best known for their giant bedrock head sculptures which are considered some of the most beautiful masterpieces in our time. Evidence has also been found that the Olmecs’ participated in human sacrifices, ritualistic sports known today as Ulama, created their own solar calendar based on 365 days and were excellent agriculturists. They were also highly influential on the Mayas who were renowned for their sophisticated system of writing and astronomy (History World, 2002).

The Toltecs preceded the Aztecs and according to evidence of their architectural designs were even more advanced than their successors. Their skill is so renowned that the word Toltec is known as a synonym of architect. They also had a simple Justice System and religious structure based around the belief of a supreme being surrounded by hundreds of minor deities. The Aztecs were nomads who had come from the north in the 13th century. Evidence suggests that the true successors of the Toltecs did not receive them well and they wandered around until, according a legend they received a sign to build their capital city of Tenochtitlan (History World, 2002).

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