Essay on a Challenge You Overcame Through Persistence

Essay on a Challenge You Overcame Through Persistence
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One of the most inspiring stories that I have been told ever in my life is the story of King Bruce and the Spider. The observation of King Bruce and the lesson he learned from it has always inspired me to push myself whenever it comes to meeting challenges. One of such examples has been my success in overcoming the challenge of spelling words badly.

In my school life, I was never good at spellings. Though I didn’t hate it, it was something I didn’t find interesting at all. And that hurt my performance every time in exams as I used to get low marks for my poor English writing skills. I was quite good at other subjects, but English was something that I really struggled with. But one day, I decided to change it completely. I remember seeing the promotion of a spelling bee competition at my school with a handsome price and opportunity to compete in state and national level competitions. Dreaming that I could use this opportunity to do something about my weak English, I went to my English language teacher to talk about this opportunity and after getting a positive response, registered myself for the competition. Having no knowledge of how to prepare for the competition, I sought guidance from my teacher who provided me with a list of words for practice and also told me to sit down with him for one hour after the school, to practice. Though I agreed with him promptly then and went each day to improve my ability under his guidance, I really struggled in the start. I always had this doubt at the back of my mind that I am bad at spelling words and really struggled to concentrate on efforts. But I am thankful to my teacher for making an effort to motivate me then, by telling me the story of King Bruce and the Spider everyday. Though I didn’t take much effect from it in the start, this story gradually made me realized that if I could just push myself and remain persistent with my efforts, I will achieve my goals. And it certainly, did. Having a goal of winning the competition in front of me, I tried hard and slowly began to gain the grasp of how the words were spelled. This also developed my interest which constantly increased as I learned and practiced more and more. And then the competition day approached.

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