Essay on Anxiety

Essay on Anxiety
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Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental and physical feeling of expecting something bad to happen. Increased alertness and concern, twisted into agonizing worry, and unpleasant activation of numerous bodily systems define it mentally and physiologically, all to assist reaction to an unknown danger, real or imagined.

Physical sensations like jitteriness and a racing heart, as well as cognitive feelings of dread in anticipation of a bad outcome, are all designed to make you feel uncomfortable.

Anxiety is designed to draw your attention and motivate you to make the changes you need to protect what you value. Anxiety is natural and might even be beneficial on occasion. Anxiety can be thought of as the price we pay for being able to imagine the future.

Anxiety and depression frequently coexist, and the two share many of the same symptoms and brain circuits. Biology, as well as developmental events such as early trauma and parental tactics such as overprotection, can all contribute to anxiety susceptibility.
Anxiety plays an important role in keeping us alert and alive, so eliminating it completely is neither possible nor desirable. The goal of treatment is to keep anxiety under control.

Anxiety can be effectively managed with therapy, medication, or a combination of the two. Lifestyle factors such as frequent exercise and deep breathing are also critical in reducing anxiety.

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