Essay on Diversity in Healthcare

Essay on Diversity in Healthcare
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Medicine is a largely homogeneous area that serves different communities, and that is a concern. Health care diversity goes far beyond an obstacle of expression. In a broader sense of society, ethnicity, sexual identity, religious views, and social reality, it is about understanding a patient’s attitude.

The level of care will suffer when a homogenous population is charged with caring for an incredibly complex variety of patients. Health differences differently impact groups of the population. Within different cultures, attitudes towards health care and treatment can vary. Customized treatment that acknowledges and acknowledges these discrepancies has to be delivered by medical practitioners. In order to service the varied patient base, the medical profession has to diversify.


The homogeneity of the medical field has deteriorated over time. As well as more racial and ethnic minority candidates, medical schools started considering more female students. The profession has gone a long way, but it is also far from being diverse and, even more concerning, far from being a direct representation of the population of patients.

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