Essay on Homosexuality

Essay on Homosexuality
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Another point to ponder when considering homosexuality is that the “gay movement” recognizes only four orientations, which are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transgendered. The “gay movement” deliberately does not recognize other orientations such as pedophilia, because then it would then invalidate their own belief of treating an unnatural sexual behavior as a natural sexual orientation and would also draw attention to differentiating between orientation and conduct, which would take away the cover from many hidden truths such as those mentioned above, and would fail the purpose of sexual orientation theory, which is used to legitimize and protect the homosexual conduct.

Another purpose of sexual orientation theory is to evolve a context in which heterosexuality and homosexuality have equal status. This notion is very important to the arguments that are made by the supporters of homosexuality, as it neutralizes the health and safety arguments against the legitimization of homosexuality. However, the validity of the fact that homosexual conducts are a major cause of disease spread cannot be denied (Kopp).  The arguments presented by homosexual sympathizers that “Heterosexual do the same thing”, also does not present a sound logic because unlike homosexuality, heterosexuality is immutable. To consider heterosexuality as only a sexual conduct is to suppress the truth at its basis and what it means to the human race (Lively).

Lastly, homosexuality is considerably discouraged in all the major religions which are practiced in the world today. Scriptures that are found in these religions specifically mentions orders from God, not to follow similar relationship with same sex as they would with opposite sex. For example, in Judaism and Islam, homosexuality is considered a major sin, and severe punishments have been specified for those who commit it. In Christianity, Catholic, Reformed as well Protestant churches openly condemn same-sex sexual relationship. It is also considered an impediment to a heterosexual relationship. Similar sentiments are found in other religions as well such as Hinduism and Sikhism (Siker). Since a large number of World population consists of believers in God and religion, it would not be valid to think that a large population of the world has continued to believe in a something which is wrong for so many years without consideration. And since the belief that homosexuality is wrong, has continued to stand, it should be considered that the fact could actually have a sound basis for it, hence leading one to believe that homosexuality is indeed wrong (Cohen, Nagel and Corcoran).

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