Essay on How ADHD Makes Children Fear Rejection

Essay on How ADHD Makes Children Fear Rejection
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How ADHD Makes Children Fear Rejection

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a little altered wiring in their brains, making it far more difficult for them to sit still, pay attention, and focus. This is mostly due to ADHD’s interference with the brain’s “executive processes.”

The problem is that our executive functions are required to absorb and cope with rejection. It’s how we put things in perspective, work through our worries with positive self-talk,’ and make sense of our emotions.

Because children with ADHD have problems with executive functions, they have a harder time processing rejection. They experience it more profoundly than others, and the sensations last considerably longer with them.

RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) is a word that refers to a child’s predisposition to be readily triggered by rejection (or even the possibility of rejection).

It isn’t a medical disease or an official diagnostic; rather, it aids in the understanding of a pattern of rejecting behavior. When ADHD magnifies rejection, RSD develops, making it seem much worse.

Children deal with the trauma of having RSD in one of two ways. Either they work extra hard to satisfy others and avoid rejection, or they avoid anxiety-inducing scenarios entirely. So, even if she isn’t really interested in it, a teenager could pick up a new pastime that her peers like.

Alternatively, she may begin to avoid these friends, inventing elaborate justifications to justify her retreat. These tiny choices build up over time and begin to change her life. The tough part is that she may appear to be a determined, ambitious someone doing what she enjoys. But she’s actually making all of her decisions out of anxiousness and dread.

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