Essay on How the Pandemic Has Changed the World For Children

Essay on How the Pandemic Has Changed the World For Children
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How the Pandemic Has Changed the World For Children

What we call ‘normal’ is difficult for adults and children to adjust to. They’re far more sensitive to changes inhabit, and many of the coping strategies they will require have not yet formed.

For a long time, children have had to contend with continuously shifting routines. They have survived the terror of the first few months of 2020, followed by a time of adapting to the lockdown, and are now re-entering school life with restrictions concerning masks and social separation.

Each of these periods brought with it new daily routines and drastically different lives, but the unexpectedness of it all was especially difficult.

Many youngsters, for example, we’re optimistic that the lockdown would be like a prolonged vacation. This optimism, however, quickly evaporated as they became bored and anxious, and as individuals, they knew became ill.

So, they are back in school and back to their old lifestyles, but is it worth it to be hopeful again? Life appears to be too ambiguous to know for definite.

Many families had to deal with the loss of employment, houses, and even family members as a result of COVID. Furthermore, children who became extremely ill recall feelings of extreme exhaustion, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms.

These events might permanently damage kids unless they are allowed to examine and express their emotions. This is especially true for younger children, who have a tendency to blame themselves for circumstances over which they have little control. They may believe that their ideas and behaviors miraculously created the anguish that their relatives experienced.

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