Essay on Invasive Species

Essay on Invasive Species
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Invasive Species

Introduced species are creatures that have moved to areas where they are not native. In most cases, imported species do not pose a significant threat.

They either do not survive or are “essentially nice people” who do not do harm. Invasive species, on the other hand, are not your typical newcomer. Invasive species are animals, plants, or microbes that cause difficulties in new environments.

Humans frequently assisted them in their journey, whether by mistake or on design. Invasive species expand rapidly, making life difficult for native creatures. Every year, they also cause billions of dollars in damage. Invasive species number more than 6,500 in the United States alone.

Invasive organisms have the potential to completely transform an environment. They can intimidate the natives by eating their favorite meals, crowding them out, or stalking them. Invasive predators are frequently overlooked by native species. Invasive species enter the country via land, air, and sea.

Many stowaways travel in shoes, boats, or tires. Others hitchhike on fruit, firewood, or the feces of other animals. Some people manage to get away from farms, laboratories, and garden centers.

Exotic pets that have escaped or been released into the wild are among the others. Humans are frequently involved in this spread, but we pay a high price for it. Termites gnaw at our structures. Mosquitoes transmit illnesses to humans. Rats wreak havoc on our crops.

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