Essay on Networking

Essay on Networking
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Through analysis of the network, it has been discovered that the network lacks the essential measures necessary to ensure the protection of company’s data. First of all the data servers of each department are placed on the same floor that their department is. These servers contain information that is of high importance to the company and data stores in them needs to be protected at all time. In the current scenario, anybody could gain access to the server and compromise confidential company’s data.

Therefore, it is recommended that all servers should be co-located in the secure server room which should only be accessible to authorized personnel. Also, since multiple departments are connected to a single segment on the same floor, it is possible to view all traffic on that particular segment and an attack can be easily carried out on computers belonging to the Department that Mr. Smith is worried about. The latency in the Accounting and Human Resource department is because of the very same reason because the bandwidth is divided equally between 40 computers that are present in the segment of the network on the 32nd floor (Strassberg, 2004). This problem of latency can be eliminated by using switches to connect PCs and other devices in the company. A switch is a device that filters and switches packets between different segments of a Local Area Network. A Switch operates one the data link layers of the network and hence provide connectivity through any packet protocol. One feature of the switch is that it divides the network segment into different collision domains. This means that each of the network segment or device connected to the switch has full bandwidth available to it. Hence it makes wider bandwidth available on the network, reducing the chances of packet collisions and thus network latency.

It is also recommended that each department should have its network and the company should install routers at each of the network edges in order to hide the implementation of the network from other networks. A Router is a device that forwards packets along networks. It is usually connected to two or more networks and switches packets between networks based on the routing information that it has.  It is usually situated at the corner of a network and act as the gateway to it. That is, it connects all devices present on the network, to other networks. In providing this connectivity, a router hides the implementation of networks from each other. This is an important feature which acts as a security measure for the networks connected to the router.

Further recommendations include installation of the firewall to control the access to servers. It is a device that has been designed to inhibit unauthorized access to or from a private network. It maintains a list of allowable addresses and ports which are used to allow or deny traffic coming in or out of the network (Lammle, 2008).

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