Essay on Steps in Employee Selection

Essay on Steps in Employee Selection
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Defined, role-specificcompetencies-A set of shared skills for recruitment, professional development, and performance evaluation. Ensures that areas of development are not voluntary, but are related to effective roles and/or leadership skills required of employees.

Development plans anchored in on-the-job stretch opportunities-Attention on 70% in On-the-job training development, 20% in coaching and mentoring, and 10% in formal self-education and training. The Center for Creative Leadership played a leading role in the 70-20-10 approach that more than tripled the labor force’s performance.

Co-creation/Joint Accountability-Directors and employees are involved in designing and creating plans that result in increased engagement, increased job satisfaction and increased likelihood of being followed.

Clear measures of Success-Measures of success are measurable and clear goals, which will be achieved once a professional development plan is completed (i.e., eager to take on a new role, a new direct report, etc.). There are two steps to success, such as process-based measures and outcome-based measures (e.g., examining lessons learned, etc. once a month).

Regular reflection and updating-Ensures accountability and enables problem-solving, coaching and feedback. To create the habit and prioritize it, progress checkpoints need to be defined in a consistent way while implementing the plan.

Connection to year-end evaluation-Make sure that areas of development are not voluntary but involve the organization’s strategic priorities and priorities for that particular role. It is possible to pay more attention, invest, and follow-through by combining the plan with the quantitative and qualitative measures used to evaluate the performance of employee.

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