Essay on Swine Flu

Essay on Swine Flu
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Also, media often creates so much publicity through the frequent reporting of the swine flu updates that rarely contain news including an analysis of each and every detail of the situation giving the impression that the government is struggling to control the disease, creating fear among the public. Moving on, because swine flu is just another variant of the flu, government organizations such as the CDC already have plentiful supply of seasonal flu drugs such as Relenza and Tamiflu, which are currently being used to treat the swine flu patients effectively.

Furthermore, a swine flu vaccine has also been developed and available for distribution now, which would effectively eliminate the strain. It is also important to mention here that there were already studies conducted about the H1N1 virus in humans, which were carried out way before 2009, which implies that the government was prepared for the disease (Myers, Olsen, and Grey). Therefore, since the government was ready for what was about to take place, then there is no need for any panic or fear.

To conclude, after realizing all these facts; there is one question that comes into mind, if the swine flu was not such a great threat, why would the media and health organizations be active in promoting its awareness? The fact is that by creating a fear of the swine flu, the media made its viewers, listeners, and subscribers captivated on to them while they tried to earn money through advertisements. Also, the government got an opportunity to show how active it was in taking care of its people as well as a chance to replace the old stock of flu medicine with the new one. This highlights how the media and the government actually used fear to get into the minds of people and control them. However, with realization given in this paper, it is therefore evident that swine flu has never been as critical as it has been portrayed to people. Also, it is not as lethal as some of the other pandemics have been and people should not live in fear of death from the swine flu. On the other hand, it demands respect and people should take care as much as they could in order to protect themselves from the seasonal flu.

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