Essay on Typeface Designs

Essay on Typeface Designs
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It is because of the attention that a particular typeface comes to acquire that it becomes imperative for copyright laws to be developed and placed in the font so that the typeface can be protected by a legal umbrella. In order to counter threats such as these, fonts and typeface have been able to acquire protection through copyright and trademark laws that have associated them with subjection to distinct laws and protective regulations.

The reason because of which the internet has contributed to the issues pertaining to the infringement of copyright laws for typeface designs is because the internet has made availability extremely easy and this has allowed numerous potential threats for copyright infringement to become active. Potential violators of copyright laws for fonts found a channel through which they can put numerous obstacles between themselves and the owners of the typeface and can copy the font to make use of it for their own purposes. This not only compromises the central purpose with which the distinct typeface was created but also deprives the original designers of the typeface from much-deserved credit.

The availability and use of fonts in such ways have certainly created problems for the font designers who have actively been taking action in order to clamp down on all major acts of font piracy. For example, in 2002 a number of typeface foundries include Hoefler Type Foundry Inc and Active Images launched a major crackdown against software pirates which resulted in the capture of one of the most notorious software pirates, who was actively involved in the distribution of fonts illegally over the Internet (Berry 2002).

Another major setback to font piracy occurred in 2006 when a publishing firm was charged with 80000 pounds worth of fines when it was found that it was found that only one of the fonts that it was using was licensed out of 11000. This was a major setback for the company that committed a crime as well, as it then had to pay much more than it could have paid for licensing all the fonts ( 2007).

One of the steps taken in this regard is the promotion of web fonts. These fonts used for online documents and websites works similar to web links. When a web page containing a web font link is a view, the font is downloaded in the background on to the web server and not on the computer of the user and the web page that is displayed to the user in an already rendered format. The web fonts help in reducing software piracy as they reduce the access of end user to the actual font file, while the web font foundry which supplies the font can easily track the usage of its font on the basis of per website or web page licensing (Rutter 2008).

We can surmise from the above discussion that there is a significant need for concrete measures to be taken for the advanced protection of typefaces and fonts since there remain a significant number of obstructions between the adequate protection of fonts and typefaces.

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