Essay: Open Source Software

Essay: Open Source Software
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Open source software defines a new category of software for which source code and other reserved rights are provided to the user under a public domain software license. Recently, the open source software has gained much prominence. However, the group in favor of commercial software has always highlighted the major disadvantages such as support issues, legal issues, and unreliability. The supporters of open source software, on the other hand, have often stated that the use of free software in many circumstances often gives a competitive or superior performance than commercial software. In this report, we will critically review articles on open source software, to find out if open source is really the solution both vendor and users should be looking for.

The Role of Nonprofits in Federating Business and Innovation Ecosystems

Problem Statement

This research paper is written by François LETELLIER and explains the features of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS). The current infrastructure software market is plagued with problems due to the commoditization of the market by vendors and open source software is long touted to be the solution to these problems.

Review of the Article

This paper answers several research questions. First, it provides reasons for why infrastructure software technologies are quickly commoditized. Then it presents a number of justification for how the infrastructure software market suffers from structural flaws, do to commoditization. The next section in the paper answer questions about how FLOSS process addresses these flaws in the market. The last section presents the case of how FLOSS business models can contribute to a robust ecosystem with places for both vendor and customer. Though the question was not stated clearly, their implication is clear from the context of the text. I believe the research is well justified as it touches on a very important issue of open source software. It is also justified because it plays an important role in highlighting the importance of free open source software in tackling the flaws of today’s market. The research itself is thorough and the author used a number of sources to justify his statements. It presents a significant research  FLOSS  with identification of flaws in the current market of software, the justification of FLOSS process to tackles the flaws and ways in which the FLOSS business models can help in building a robust business and innovation ecosystem. The findings of this paper are worth discovering as well because finding an economically efficient way to produce software could be very significant for the information Society (Spinello, 2003). Discussion of existing work is mentioned throughout this paper.

The author has built this paper on the existing research done in the field of open source software, Software Development, Laws of software and software business studies. The existing work is used to support the statements of the authors, which makes the link between them very clear.  The research was based on the theory that Open Source software can help in the development of business and innovation ecosystem  and address the tackling the issues present in the market such as commoditization and unfair advantage of bigger vendors which tend to leave both vendor and user unsatisfied. This theory has been clearly stated in the introduction of the paper.

The paper uses a positivistic paradigm for writing. It assumes that the reality can be generalized. This assumption is carried throughout the paper though it is not explicitly mentioned (Voce, 2004). Though none of the assumptions were discussed in the paper, they should have been. The research method used in this article is a literature review. The research clearly addresses the problems that have been identified. Various business models from the existing research, windows of opportunities and usage models have been presented and explained in the paper, backed with sufficient evidence and it does not give the impression that too much has been claimed. It contributes to the practice of IT, by signifying the importance of FLOSS process which later may be further enhanced and adopted by more companies. This article provides an example of how Open Source standard can help in enhancing business and innovation processes. Another researcher can use this paper to go into more detailed aspects of FLOSS and quote the example presented in this paper for further research (Spinello, 2003).

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