Essay: Operating System and Networks

Essay: Operating System and Networks
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Computer accounts assigned to the users are critical and user is responsible for any activity done with his account. User is never allowed to make any changes or encoding to the existing record whether it is the institute’s information or of any other user. As the system is institute’s asset therefore it is not allowed to user to make any changes concerned with the operation of operating system and networks. He is not allowed to distribute software and documents owned by that institution. If that software or document is mutually shared by another user and that user grants him its permission to access, only then he is able to distribute them away (FDU).

If mentioning any partial or biased opinion one has to specify his name with the opinion preventing the institution from the blame. Sending unsolicited bulk mail is forbidden. Undue usage of computing equipment is illegal. Disk storage is company’s resource and company pays for it therefore any improper use would lead a person to dishonesty (FDU).

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