Essay: Opportunities and Threats of Koala Bear Inc

Essay: Opportunities and Threats of Koala Bear Inc
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The company sees opportunities of sales growth for each of their product ranges. The target is approximately 160 vertical market segments and within each of them, the company is working hard to put in the advantages of providing quality experience for the customers. The direct marketing efforts are more strengthened targeting areas that server individuals as well as families. The retention of highly professional and skilled personnel is prepared to focus on facilities to attain expansion of sales and marketing programs (Koala Corporation, 2001).


The threats however are lesser, but they do exist. The biggest of them is the growing figure of liabilities including payable taxes which is greater than the shareholders’ equity. This could lead to decrease of net income-per-year figures as well as the cost of diluted shares in the market, which can be further counted as a bad sign for company’s growth.

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