Essay: Ordering the Bad Spirits Away

Essay: Ordering the Bad Spirits Away
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These spells sound very devout and excerpts to Christ and the cross are even given. However, there are conspicuous problems. One is that Exodus 20:4, 5 said nothing at all about Satan or demons. It was God who pledged to penalize covenant breakers. The cause was that the actual power they had over us, our sinfulness in esteem to God’s regulation, was taken away. Neil Anderson educates that the demons have strongholds in our inhabits as Christians until we gain information and order the bad spirits to go.

These spirits allegedly have their locations in us because of ancestral sins. Let me issue out a difficulty with this: if the traverse is the cornerstone of triumph, which Anderson admits, then why would God depart us in demonic bondage after we arrive to understand Jesus through the cross, i.e. except we gain revelation and state the right prayers and declarations.

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