Essay: Organization of the society

Essay: Organization of the society
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The conservatives hold that the society ought to be organised into social, political and economic units. The smallest and basic social unit is the family while the government represents the highest political authority. Conservatism recognizes the role of existing systems, institutions and practises in moulding and developing human dignity and fostering the prosperity of the entire human race. The society should be organized in such a way that the social and political institutions accommodate the inherited structures of governance, education and cultural dispensation.

The inherited structures in the society foster the transmission of the ideology and trends that the society deems most appropriate to future generations. As such, they form the blue print of how a society ought to be organized for the greater good of all. Conservatism school of thought is based on the belief that due to its apparent negative connotation, human conduct must be tamed to provide an atmosphere conducive for man to nurture his talent. The pre-existing societal structures ensure that individuals live up to the commonly accepted code of conduct by imposing punishments for defaulters and giving rewards as an incentive for good behaviour.

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