Essay: Organizational Change: Porsche Company

Essay: Organizational Change: Porsche Company
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Today an organization has its foremost goal which is to make its business grow and survive. The ongoing current situations depict that nothing is sure to happen and future cannot be foreseen or predicted. Therefore it is needed to always think about different strategies and techniques that go a long way in improving and flourishing the business. There are a lot of opportunities and vendors to offer a number of services like Customer relationship management, Business Re engineering, or Total Quality Management.

Some organizations select any of the diverse opportunities while others are scared if they have made correct decision or not. If any organization does not apply any technique or select any opportunity to handle their business, the organization would hardly produce any profits (Chaudron, 2008).

The experiences by organizations share that an organization got started with Total Quality Management which excited some of the employees and discouraged others, delay in follow through made things vague for employees. This indicates that organizations should always be in process of change. The actions by these organizations will help them to flourish and advance. There should be a design of framework which helps in organizational change. They also should change by choosing any technique, strategy, plan (Chaudron, 2008).

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