Essay on Organizational Issues in Nokia

Essay on Organizational Issues in Nokia
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Organizational or human resource problems are usually considered as a true fact within an organization because of the weak/unmanaged management system and interruption of employees. There are various organizational problems that generally inhibit the productivity of the company in case of lacking proper management system and effective strategies. In most of the situation, some external factors also create organizational problems that cannot be managed easily. In this concern, the responsibility of the management increases towards finding solutions to remove the human resource or organizational problems through implementing the effective strategic plan. When the effective strategic planning implemented, it can be believed that the performance can be seen as most beneficial in solving the problem and improvement of the organizational productivity. At this stage, as a consultant of the previous organization, Nokia that operates its business in Information Technology; it is the responsibility to analyze its organizational problems to make an effective development strategy to solve the problems and increase its market growth and market value. Nokia is facing various organizational challenges in this competitive marketplace at the global level. Now, this paper would provide extensive knowledge and understanding about organizational problems of this company and solutions to increase its market value in the competitive marketplace. This can be described as below:

Before starting the organizational development strategies of the company, problem identification is necessary to know the actual situation of the business operations. The Nokia is a multinational corporation that operates its business in communication and information technology sector at the global level. The headquartered of Nokia is in Espoo, Finland. The Nokia Solutions and Networks organization furnish network equipment for telecommunications such as high-end smartphones and mass-market mobile phones and services such as internet services. In the internet services, Nokia provides various mobile applications, games, media, and music as well as navigation including digital map information to its customers at the global level.

The market size of the company in terms of a global mobile-phone market is at least 11.5 percent after Samsung that has more than 25 percent in the competitive market. Further, the total revenue of this company in the present scenarios is more than $19.96 billion, with more than $336.34 million profits at the global level. The establishment of Nokia is dated back to 1865 by Fredrik Idestam in Southwestern Finland with the wood pulp mill. A few years later Fredrik Idestam named the company Nokia Ab in 1871. But, in 1967, it became Nokia Corporation as a result of the merger of Nokia Ab, Finnish Cable Works Ltd, and a rubber boot manufacturing company. Now, Nokia Corporation started its business in the power generation, rubber, and forestry, as well as cable, and electronics.

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