Essay: Organizational Structure or Organization Construct

Essay: Organizational Structure or Organization Construct
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Rix (2007) defined an organizational structure or organization construct as a means for the company to achieve the objective of providing an effective and efficient platform for managers to orchestrate the work activities to deliver or support the firm-wide business strategy. Igbal, N. (2010) on the other hand, referred to organizational structure as the “lifeblood of the business” which enables the proper orchestration of all tasks and requirements to allow effective strategy implementation.

An effective organization carefully plans the organization design and structure that they are planning to adopt as it is the lifeblood of the entire institution. One particular example of organizational design or construct was shown in the previous sections of this research study which is the Galbraith’s Star Model. In that particular example of organizational design, it was shown how the different business process components and function interrelate and is linked with one another such as for instance the strategy, the structure, the rewards system, the processes, benefits and lateral links in the organization and the human resource management (Galbraith, 1995).

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