Essay: The Outburst of Industrialization

Essay: The Outburst of Industrialization
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The most evident change that holds importance to the current day was the outburst of industrialization. America endured a transformation from a primarily agrarian culture to a metropolitan country, and the country was altered into the most important participant in world affairs, rather than some rough country land of frontiersmen. As a result, the prosperity of America began to scale up, and the superiority of life for many was progressively civilizing.

However, there were many city inhabitants who suffered greatly throughout this period of transformation. It was upon the back of the blue-collar citizens that a new America was constructed, and their nastiness was considered to be important for their development. It was clear that progressive improvement, something that was often formerly known to be fundamental and un-American was immediately needed, if only to protect the American model of a democratic civilization, so that it should not turn out to be only a bare declaration with no foundation on certainty (Kennedy, Cohen and Piehl 227). Working conditions was often dreadful, with many workers working in the factory six days a week in shift of almost twelve hours.

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