Essay: Outsourcing and Offshoring

Essay: Outsourcing and Offshoring
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Aggravated issues of hosting must be tackled in implementing the global information system. Issues of culture and language differences, trans-border dataflow related legal job, taxes, and government’s policy, costs and reliability of telecommunication services and also the bugs related to custom applications (Stephens, 1999).

The scarcity of skilled workers had alarmed India because of the fear of losing its standard in outsourcing and off shoring. Reports showed that all the outsourcing and off shoring market is going to be grabbed by China. However India cannot lose its standing easily and the tendency of situation is showing that as more region look for the explosion in off shoring the globalization market would increase. Sources of offshore labor are supposed to be developing countries of the world like Egypt, Poland and etc. This tendency does not show much inclination towards greater pattern on diversity in the line of outsourcing but in the line of mathematics because these developing countries try their chance to perk them up in an increasing crowded marketplace (Lomas, 2007).

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