Essay: Overall Structure of z9 Server

Essay: Overall Structure of z9 Server
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The System z9 Mainframe has a modular structure, which allows for easy access to components for upgrades and maintenance as well as for expansion. The System z9 Mainframe has one primary frame. This frame is called A-frame and is consist of cooling and power units as well as CEC and I/O Cages. The CEC cage is the core processing unit of the System z9 Mainframe.

It provides interfaces for up to 4 processor books to be installed, to upgrade the performance of the system. This CEC cage is connected to the I/O cage, which is used to house external interfacing cards and provide connectivity to the System z9 Mainframe with the organization’s network.  Power to the CEC cage is provided through two Distributed Converter Assemblies (DCAs), which reside on the opposite side to the processor books. Each book receives power from two DCA, which provide N+1 redundancy to the system. The A-Frame also has two oscillator cards present between two sets of DCAs. Cooling is achieved through air circulation assisted by refrigeration through a closed loop liquid cooling subsystem. This cooling system also has a modular architecture and is composed of Modular Refrigeration Units, Motor Scroll Assembly and Motor Drive Assembly. The I/O system of System z9 Mainframe is…..

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