Essay: How Overpopulation Will Impact the Environment

Essay: How Overpopulation Will Impact the Environment
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With the passage of time, one of the issues posing most threat to life on this plant and its resources in that of overpopulation. All nations and all races are faced with this serious issue and each one of us in our capacity should contribute to keep this issue from getting more serious.

The current population on our planet is estimated to be around 5.8 billion and is expected to be around 10 billion people by the end of the year 2050. To account for this huge population sufficient resources like food, water, fuel, energy, sheltering needs must be available but the reality is that the resources available are extinguishing at a rapid rate. Lack of resources among the people creates a severe imbalance in the society which ultimately gives rise to menaces like crime, violence, terrorism and frustration in the society. Such a condition can also lead to war.

As the population increases coupled with rising sea level as a result of global warming, the available land will become lesser. Hence less people would be accommodated and lesser food will be able to grow. This can create severe famine conditions and a significant amount of population is likely to die.

We as a society should be concerned about our future as well as the future of our children. The severe issue of overpopulation should be dealt with in a wise and strategic manner. Governments should run awareness programs, establish rules of family planning and if necessary, impose suitable laws to keep the population in control. This would not only benefit the countries at an individual level but will also be beneficial in the long run to the entire planet and its resources.

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