Essay: An overview of the Chicano Movement

Essay: An overview of the Chicano Movement
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Since the end of the U.S- Mexican 1848 war, the Chicano Movement had been rising continually. This was the time when the present U.S-Mexican boundary took form and over thousands of Mexicans got their U.S. citizens suddenly. Numerous Chicanos have faced unfairness, racial discrimination and misuse since then. The Chicano Movement which actually took place in 1960 drew stimulation from heroes and heroines from their native, Mexican and American history[1].

There were many leaders, intellectuals, protesters, artists, educationalists and students guiding the Movement. Some very prominent names are “Reies López Tijerina, Corky González, César Chávez and Dolores Huerta”[2] who gave this movement a purpose and leaders whose voices actually resulted in the Chicano’s problems to be heard.

Part of the Chicano idea was to set up an assortment of instructive goals: decrease in the number of school dropout; development of instructive achievement; growth of bilingual-bicultural programs; and development of advanced learning scholarships and other supporting services for the public. Still others embrace the growth of Chicano centered curriculum, the formation of lessons and curriculum in Chicano studies and an amplification in the figure of Chicano educator and administrator. Thousands of students also assembled and shaped student organizations geared towards instruction reform, activism and examine sustainability[3].

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