Essay: Overview of the NTFS Architecture

Essay: Overview of the NTFS Architecture
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NTFS offers a file system which does not only feature rich but by using a simplistic conceptual scheme, allows for the further addition of features with minimal changes.  NTFS uses a very elegant way to store information. Almost every structure in NTFS is a file, which includes structures that are used to manage the partition and maintain statistics and control information about the partition.  This information is stored in special files called metadata files, which are created with the creation of NTFS partition and contain information such as lists of files on the partitions, cluster allocation information and volume information. The only exception to this rule, the Partition Boot Sector, precedes the metadata files on the partition and control basic functions such as loading of the operating system. NTFS considers files as a collection of attributes which contains files information and the data itself, and, stores files using a cluster system ( Website).

Structures used in NTFS

Volume/Partition Boot Sector

Partition Boot Sector is created when the first block of information is created on the partition. It is a small but fundamental structure of NTFS, which contain partition management information that is not stored in Master File Table.  The Partition Boot Sector begins in the first sector of the partition and consists of two primary structures, BIOS parameter block, and Volume Boot Code. BIOS parameter block is used to identify the volume as an NTFS partition and includes information such as volume label and partition size and location of key metadata files. Volume Boot Code instructs the system on how to load the operating system. On Windows NT, it loads NTLDR, the NT loaded program and then transfers the control to it for further loading of the operating system.

Metadata Files

Metadata files, as the name suggests, provide information about the data stored on the partition. These files are automatically created by the operating system when an NTFS partition is formatted.  NTFS uses metadata files to store information, such as description

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