Essay: Ovulation Predictor Test

Essay: Ovulation Predictor Test
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In case of the ovulation predictor test, as the website says, there are changes which occur mid cycle in women which can tell couples the best time to try and conceive a child. These changes can be recorded by keeping a calendar, checking for warmer temperatures in women which is indicative of an LH surge, or mucus in the cervix which shows that the uterus is ready for a fertilized egg.

Since an LH surge raises the level of Luteinizing hormone in the body, it allows a test to be done which show the best time to attempt and conceive a child. The test should be taken 12 days after the start of the menstrual cycle, i.e. when menses occurs. As said before the LH surge can last from 24 to 48 hours and is responsible for bringing the ovum to the uterus. So attempting to get pregnant is best tried 2 days after it begins. Since the first day may be missed it is best to try to get pregnant 24 hours after taking the test. Though it’s true that this time period offers the best chance to conceive a child, you can also try to get pregnant five days before the surge as well. Sperm can survive for six to seven days in the uterus so it is best to try five days before and 2 days after the LH surge to maximize your chances (Church & Dwight Co., 2010).

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