Essay: Owning a Car is a Success

Essay: Owning a Car is a Success
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To this day, owning a car is a sign of success in the society. Currently the trends in the market are bigger is better, with technology and advanced road networks encouraging everyone to drive.

According to[1] the car, is likened to sexuality, pleasure, convenience and freedom. For this reason, man has been made to desire for bigger and prestigious vehicles. Women on the other hand admire and lust after men with big cars. Power, success and performance have been likened to the vehicle; consequently, the age of SUVs was born[2].


[1] Nutramed. Cars, Trucks, air Pollution and Health, 2011, retrieved Feb 22, 2011 from


[2] William Rollins, ‘Reflections on a Spare Tire: SUVs and postmodern environmental consciousness,’ Environmental History, 11, 4, 2006

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