Essay: Owning Private Guns

Essay: Owning Private Guns
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Conclusion & Recommendations

Intention and emotions play an important role in these discussions as similar to debates over the illegal drug wars. NRA is a private entity that plays an important role in fighting against gun control. Arguments that are common against gun control are very straightforward and these arguments draw our attention towards the Second Amendment which allows private ownership of guns. It is argued that in the light of the new enactments, this right to own private guns is tampered with and thus American citizens are deprived of this right. However, since we witness numerous acts of crimes being committed with a gun we tend to ask if guns should be controlled.

The foremost argument that we discussed earlier is the right to protect your own self. Overlooking the fact that keeping a gun gives a sense of security. One tends to see that should we protect ourselves and our families and the obvious answer is ‘yes’. Many believe that if gun control is enforced, that violence will decline. Perhaps the reply to gun control lies inside responsibility and good regulations. Human personality in its own view is an unbalanced aspect that cannot be shaped or made to fit any framework[i].

[i] Kleck, G., and Patterson, E. B. “The Impact of Gun Control and Gun Ownership Levels on Violence Rates.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 9 (1993): 249–87.

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