Essay: Pa Chin’s Family

Essay: Pa Chin’s Family
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Family by Pa Chin is set in China, 20th century and is a depiction of the dissatisfaction of the younger generation with the older generation. This was mainly because of the many old customs and traditions that were brought forward by the elder generation and the younger generation was coercively asked to follow them. The entire story is a portrayal of these conflicts among the two generations with a well tied up conclusion. The characters include three brothers from the younger generation who struggle with the elder generation thus attempting to forego these values and bring a change according to their actions and personalities. Each brother was symbolically an intermediary between the older and the younger generations who wanted to bring a change in China. The conflicting desire of the younger generation was a result of their conflict with the old values which they were irritated of and their desire to live in a liberal and free society.

The elder brother of the three was Chueh-Hsin and he was the first and foremost victim of the old Confucian values which his elders and parents brought forward for him to follow. He was respectful and compliant all the elders including his parents. He was a thorough picture of a son born in a Confucian family. He obeyed and fulfilled everyone’s wishes but his character felt victim to the Confucian values and conflict arises between his mind and heart when he has to give up his true love Mei in result of his obedience to his father who selects a life partner for him. Not just that, he also has to give up his education and foreseen future which he could have achieved if he had protested against his father’s traditions. (Ebrey 1991) His triumph due to his so called obligatory conduct does not end here and he also loses his wife when she dies in the outskirts of China, as the so called traditional superstitions expected him to send his wife Jui- Cheuh away to give birth to their child.

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