Essay: Packet Tracer

Essay: Packet Tracer
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Packet Tracer is product that is particularly aimed at learning. Hence the Cisco has designed the product to meet specific requirements of students whose main purpose of using Packet Tracer is to gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible. Packet tracer has quite a simplistic interface, which has been kept in order to keep the system requirements minimum. Furthermore its interactivity level has also been kept very low perhaps to encourage the user into performing much of the practical work, hence giving learning through practice experience. Its simplistic interface and the ability to simulate network devices as they would appear and behave in the real life, makes it a perfect for the users who are just beginning their learning of networks (Cisco Systems, 2009). OPNET Modeler on the other hand, is a professional level application. It is not only used by professionals in the network industry but also used by researchers for assisting them in exploring various aspects of network technologies in detail (OPNET Technologies, 2009).

Though Packet Tracer provides a real life simulation of appearance and behavior of a number of networking devices, it has limited functionality. This means, that at many levels, such as at Physical and MAC level it is difficult to simulate the dynamic behavior of the network correctly. Furthermore, since Packet Tracer has not been developed to replace the functionality of the network devices through simulation on a computer, hence all devices that can be used in a virtual network inside Packet Tracer do not have the same list of options available as the device would have in the real life. This makes the device limited to certain uses. Hence it can be said that the effectiveness of network simulated in Packet Tracer has a limited effectiveness, that is, the design of the network can be perfected in the Packet Tracer, and however, its behavior in reality cannot be fully simulated (Cisco Systems, 2009). OPNET modeler on the other hand, allows the user to comprehensively detail each and every parameter of the device, its behavior as well as its environment, hence the details of the results that are achieve are very comprehensive and realistic (OPNET Technologies, 2009).

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