Essay: Palm Pilot and its Impacts

Essay: Palm Pilot and its Impacts
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As far as the medicine is concerned, there are lots of new compounds which have been developed to facilitate humanity in overcoming various sicknesses and allergies and computers have also given a huge contribution in providing gigantic resources of such information that was not possible before the emergence of computer science. Today a person’s internal organs can be examined carefully without cutting them to examine the actual place having problem.

Examples include MRI, CT Scans, and Ultrasound. This contribution is sound enough to facilitate patients and medical field. There are some direct and some indirect impacts kept by the medical sciences. Palm pilot is one of those devices which helped doctors effectively. The doctors use it as lookups. Installation of code reference and medical information led the doctors to accurately examine every patient. The notes saved on the device can be reviewed by the doctors at anytime of query. Email transfer is also a feature of these Palm pilots which enables the doctor to know completely about the case before actually examining him/her i.e. this device can accommodate charts, x-ray, and ultrasound reports as attachments (Tripod, 2008).

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