Essay: Passing the Baton

Essay: Passing the Baton
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Lee and Pipes guide the parents for how to disciple their children and when to introduce them to Christ. They start with telling what a healthy family is and what an unhealthy family is and they also compare and contrast the two with each other, then they go on to describe the guidelines for developing a ‘Mission Statement’ that is to contain the values and traits that good families must possess. According to the authors, parents are at the center of a family evangelism.

In the process of developing Mission Statement it is essential, according to the authors, to take a family inventory and then materialize the statement while keeping the goal before you with the inclusion of the entire family so that the principles of the mission are fulfilled successfully. They move on to tell the parents when and how to ‘pass the baton’ and share the ‘message’ with their children outside home and church. And for those who have been late to think of the ‘baton’ of faith to pass on to their children, Lee and Pipes give suggestions to rectify the situation.  They admonish the parents to keep the age of their children in view before transferring fecund dogmas and beliefs that their minds would not be able to understand and the danger of their being misled would increment. Therefore the authors advise the parents to first identify whether the child is ready to accept the intricacies of religion. Here understanding the concept of ‘sin’ is of pivotal importance as it is in Christianity.

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