Essay: People who Become Drug Abusers

Essay: People who Become Drug Abusers
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When we consider the characteristic in which a person uses drugs. It can be either seen as abusive or non-abusive. People who become abusers are victims of the drug properties. There use is uncontrolled and compulsive leading to personal and professional problems in their lives, while non-abusers are able to weight the consequences of usage and make a calculated decision. Compulsive use is a form of mechanistic approach to addiction while calculated use implies a voluntaristic approach (Cheung, 2000).

Recent findings have found several changes in the quantitative and qualitative causes of death among individuals using drugs. There is a greater concern among non injecting heroin users regarding hepatitis C infection, HIV and A, B, C co-infection. There is also concern regarding the psychoactive effects of Cannabis and the impact of MDMA on visual memory (CY & KM, 2009).

The harm reduction approach to substance abuse was formed in the Late 1980s in Europe. It was created as a pragmatic response to the drug abuse problem in an effort to keep people safe from the diseases and injuries associated with high risk drug behavior while also recognizing the behavior itself. Conceptually it remains neutral and humanistic towards the drugs and its user. Focusing more on the harm the drugs can cause rather than the legality of the use itself. Practically, its aim is to reduce the most immediate harmful effects of the drugs taken through the use of various programs. It does not condone abstinence as a choice but does not promote it either, acknowledging that drug abuse is a multi-factorial process that requires the personal involvement of the user in order to change their lives. It follows a voluntaristic approach (Single, 1995).

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