Essay: It is the people who kill people, not the guns

Essay: It is the people who kill people, not the guns
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Notoriety is a crime itself. People who use guns for criminal activities don’t respect the laws and values of American Laws and Regulations. Disrespect for the laws and regulations governing the gun control are to be blamed for. In Washington alone, law enforcement agencies need to spend more time in making citizens follow the government policies rather than imposing stricter laws. The Higher education system and more responsible people in government to look up to and less elevation of violent behavior in the television media are the actual solutions to these problems.

Guns are sought to be the means of safety, their utilization depends on the citizens. Guns themselves cannot hurt people as the bullet cannot decide where to go. Criminals will manage to obtain guns even if the policies are tightened. Moreover, they might use heavier arms if they are unable to obtain guns. Robbing or killing can be carried out with just a knife as well or other explosives. Also, stricter gun control will not work as the previously imposed laws did not do well on the American front[i].

The entire society benefits from guns nowadays, for example, the idea of installing stun guns in American Airlines plane in case there was an emergency. However, their usage was restricted to uncontrollable situations. September 11, raised high-security hazards for airlines and thus the cockpit doors were decided to be strengthened. If there were no security measures ever adopted such as the guns, such ideas and security threats would not be seriously thought of.  America would be prone to heavier attacks if guns are banned.

[i] Seitz, S. T. “Firearms, Homicides, and Gun Control Effectiveness.” Law and Society Review 6 (1972): 595–614.

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