Essay: Peoples Republic of China

Essay: Peoples Republic of China
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In 1949, the communists had officially formed the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). This was a very significant event because China, being one of the most greatly populated countries in the world, had turned communist. The railway heading south was disrupted when in May with the demise of Hangzhou. North and South Korea got down in a war when the American army was by now in the North Korea and tying up with the Chinese Border.

With weeks pass away both Ling-ling and Cheng would not only be collecting information about the wrong happening of the landlords, but they would rather lead to educating the poor people. Hopes of many were up but they never saw any change. The landlords had manipulated many peasants claiming that most of the land belonged to them, but in reality it was still with the landlords who planned on taking it back once the reform was over. Due to lack of education many of the peasants believed that they would not know what to do with the land even if they get it. The laborers team in Longxiang established a Poor Peasants Association (PPA) after observing all the negativity among the peasants and the landlord. This was the association when meetings were held to discuss the reform and all queries of the peasants were answered.

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