Essay: Performance Tuning

Essay: Performance Tuning
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Performance in a Windows XP Professional system used by the Accounting Department has been slowly degrading. You recently added a 100-Mbps network card, thinking that would correct the problem. To your knowledge, no other hardware has been added to the server, but you suspect someone has been adding software.

Describe the steps to determine what is causing the system to slow down, including which XP monitoring applications you will use and on which computer they will be run.

Windows XP provides a number of tools which can be used to monitor the performance of a system. In order to determine if a software slowing down the PC, first of all, Task Manager can be used to determine if the slowdown is occurring due to memory shortages or due to full utilization of the processor. In order to do this, Ctrl+Alt+Del should be pressed which would bring up the task manager, from the memory and processor utilization can be observed. From the Process tab, it can also be observed if a particular process is taking up too many resources. For a deeper analysis, Windows XP provides “Performance Monitoring Tool” from which a number of objects such as server work queues, network resources, physical disk resources as well as the process can be monitored in much more detail apart from processor and memory utilization details. From here it can be determined exactly if it’s really a software issue or a hardware problem. In order to determine if the software has been added to the system, “Event Viewer” application that comes with Windows XP can be used.  This software can be found in Administrative Tools group in the Control Panel. By using this software, a list of events can be viewed that occurred on a computer, which also includes events of any software installations. Event Viewer can be run locally or from a PC having administrative rights over the network. This allows the administrator to view the events on all the computers on the network without leaving his/her computer (Barker & Bogue, 2002).

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