Essay: How a Person can Transmit from Depression to Optimism

Essay: How a Person can Transmit from Depression to Optimism
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Many psychologists have proposed various proposals for how a person can transmit from the state of depression to optimism. Some propose simplistic step by step process for getting out of depression. The first is to identify the cause of depression and the real feelings of a person. Once the real stance behind depression is identified the mind would naturally come out of negativity and would be filled with positive and creative ideas.

When a depressed person starts to realize that man is destined to confront good and bad things in the different phases of life and that outcome may occur through external (e.g. skill) or external (e.g. luck) means (Fontaine & C., 1997), he is likely to come out of the phase of depression and would start his/her journey towards the road of optimism.

If the root cause of depression is identified and parsed so it becomes possible to cure depression through utilizing various means. In most of the cases it is noted that loneliness is the sole reason behind depressive state of a person. In this case intimidating with people can help to transmit from depression to positivity. Communication and self expression is also helpful to be released from the state of depression. Some of the psychologists suggest getting close with nature to stimulate one’s spirits.

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