Essay: Personal Drug Consumption and Abuse

Essay: Personal Drug Consumption and Abuse
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The book is a reflection of an addict’s experiences during an average day and his experiences throughout his life during drug abuse and in days of sobriety. The book is one of the most honest accounts of personal drug consumption and abuse. The dialogues of the author with various people around him provide a strong and imaginative approach to a memoir. The personal feelings and behavioral pattern portrayed by the author help in identifying the main characteristics of drug abuse and how it affects human health, psychology and social relationships.

The personal experiences of the author help in identifying what an average drug addict experiences during the abuse of drugs and what his feelings are when he tries to quit. It has been commonly seen that drug addicts usually go back to using drugs when they quit for the first or second time as the pain in their bodies is quite severe (Jacoby & Youngson, 2004, p.2418). The pain experienced when quitting drug use can only be felt but people who are not addicts can get a very clear picture from the book. This especially helps in identification of various factors that motivate drug addicts to go back to drugs after quitting for the first or second time. The behavior patterns of the author indicate how a typical drug addict experiences the highs and lows of life during drug abuse and abstinence. The portrayal of interrelationships between family members, friends and society reflect the impact of these relationships on drug consumption.

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