Essay: Personal Experience with Database Management

Essay: Personal Experience with Database Management
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The entire experience up till now has been an essential source of learning for me since the beginning. Since database management has evolved drastically with a long period of time, technologies grew in parallel direction which resulted in the development of improved robustness of softwares in the database category. Nowadays, several solutions are available to develop and maintain databases. With years of experience in this field, I have learned diverse aspects of database management and nurtured the ability to provide integral performance.

I introduced myself to SQL. I experienced the installation, configuration and management skills of MYSQL, SQL Server; MS Access. I learned how to create every object for the database for e.g. users, tables, triggers etc.). I also operated data with cross server connections which includes the export/import of data. Further, I constructed a project for New Dealers System with the application of my attained awareness. I learned the difference between conventional databases & solutions and core data warehouses. Practically it assisted me to create more competent codes for SQL which advantaged the processing of triggers and transactions. I created certain constraints to prevent redundancy in the database and maintained the reliability.

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