Essay: Physical Education and Learning Techniques

Essay: Physical Education and Learning Techniques
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Learning has a lot of diversity associated to it. There are various methodologies involved in both learning and making one learn. Learning can basically be broken down into three areas of consideration. These three areas of interest are of particular importance and should keenly be implemented in case of sports and physical activities.




Let us get into the depth of each of these areas of study.  Cognition is defined as the process of acquiring knowledge through experiences and senses. Hence, cognitive learning is associated with an individual’s problem-solving skills, their development and improving an individual’s knowledge through different means. The importance of this dimension of learning in sports is immense because any individual who doesn’t possess enough knowledge about the rules, regulation, dos and don’ts will never be able to indulge in that sport effectively and emerge as a winner.

Effective learning deals with techniques that help in making the learning process more effective. Behaviors, morals, ethics, and attitudes are of prime importance in this regard as a proper and positive attitude helps a lot in improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of an individual. Sportsmanship, the ability to lead and work in a team is also developed during this phase of learning.

Psychomotor Learning deals with acquiring motor skills. This includes both fundamental motor skills as well as selective according to the requirement.

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