Essay: Physically disable or Elderly Persons

Essay: Physically disable or Elderly Persons
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The study of the design of HCI is also important because of that fact that it allows for the creation of customer interfaces for people with different needs. This feature of HCI is quite helpful in designing the interfaces to difficult to use technology for an elderly person as well as those who suffer from any kind of disabilities. By understanding the behaviors of elderly or disabled people as well as their needs, the HCI designers can make up the requirements for the Interface, which would provide maximum benefit to them. By constructing a good Interface design, the designer, as well as an engineer, can create an integration of technologies which would not only serve the purpose of the use of technology but would also make it easier for them to gain access to it. For example, for elderly people, the dilemma is that their senses get weaker with age along with their ability of cognition. Therefore, a mobile phone interface designer can figure it out through the use of HCI studies that the requirement of such a user would be displayed with bright lights, a speaker with a high volume as well as a keypad with keys imprinted with a number in easily viewable large fonts. Similar is the case with a person with a disability. Through the use of HCI, the designer and engineer would be able to design an interface and use such technology in the device which would facilitate the device use by a person with disability (Abrahams, 2007)

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