Essay: Piano Lesson

Essay: Piano Lesson
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In Piano Lesson, Wilson sexually characterizes the heritage of African American slavery by portraying the main character of the story to be Boy Willie and Berniece along overlying and differing paths of evocativeness over the generations. This haunting that Berniece and Boy Willie suffer is actually a result of a more publicly confusing impacts of the past of ethnic suppression that corresponds the piano’s voyage up from slavery.

Berniece’s choice to preserve the piano after Mama Ola’s bereavement is the consequence of a miserable anxiety by creating links ruptured among black men and women that outspread within and went beyond the traditional establishment of slavery. Before the death of Mama Ola in 1928, Berniece was usually asked to play the piano in affection to her mother. This, she believed would give warmth to her mother’s cold nights and empty bed. (Wilson 1.2.52)

Other characters include Doaker who is also a living affiliate of Charles’ family who knows the story of how actually the piano is connected to the family of Sutter and Charles. This post-liberation African American oppression is incarnated in the shape of a character appropriately named Sutter’s ghost, a spirit that irks the existing members in Charles family. It does it in a way that links their emotions to their communal account of oppression and maltreatment. The Piano Lesson’s most forceful conduct of the racial and heritage remains of those who died is depicted through the males of the Charles family.

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