Essay: What is Pipelining

Essay: What is Pipelining
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The techniques used for performance enhancement include pipelining. This technique lets the instructions execute in sequence of steps to process an instruction known as instruction cycle or fetch/execute. Basically fetch refers to the fetching of a binary instruction from main memory to instruction register to be decoded. Execute refers to the process of instruction execution in whatever operation an instruction has requested (Bramer).

Performance enhances when CPU performs pre-fetching of an instruction that is sequence of instructions in main memory known as pipelining. In pipelining when the instruction crosses one-step of its execution, the next instruction is fetched at that very moment. This reduces the execution time in a way that if a program has five lines of code and if instruction execution has five steps and each step takes one second, in normal situation it would take 25 seconds to execute the whole program but due to the pre-fetch action it took only nine seconds to execute the same program (Bramer).

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