Essay: Another Plague-Child Obesity

Essay: Another Plague-Child Obesity
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Child obesity is a key health problem for America with both social and physical causes. Among the many factors studied to find out the factors causing obesity, malnutrition, the most highlighted causes are TV viewing hours and consumption of fast-food. (Gortmaker et al, 1996; Hager, 2006) It has been found to be evident that many American citizens especially children use a lot of time watching television than they do in playing or exercising. Time spent in viewing television dislodges more vigorous quests for a healthy lifestyle such as outdoor physical activities. Moreover, consumption of fast food is adversely related to this plague. There are plenty of figures existing that show obesity in America is at outbreak levels. When you adjoin the fat and obese percentages together, the dilemma becomes sparkle clear.

Children who are overweight also confront a lot of psychosomatic issues that being fat or obese develop. Obese children generally have low self respect which is made worse when they are not capable of participating in daily activities such as games and extracurricular activities.  Eating disorders common in teens such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia build up in reaction to thoughts of body insufficiency. Teasing, bullying and looked down upon are some outcomes of being obese in childhood or teenage. (Counihan, 2002)

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